Bioware Pulls the Plug: Anthem

On Wednesday, February 24, Bioware released a post on their blog explaining why they will no longer be moving forward with their innovative rework of Anthem. The blame was mostly put on the pandemic and how it was too difficult to continue the project while working from home. Now all of their energy is being… Continue Reading →

New Dragon Age Teaser Trailer!

Bioware had a lot up its sleeve this year at the 2020 Game Awards, which aired on December 10th. Not only did they drop a teaser for a new Mass Effect, they ALSO released a teaser for the next Dragon Age installment. There wasn’t much secrecy around this trailer because Bioware had been releasing information… Continue Reading →

New Mass Effect Teaser Trailer!

Either due to the pandemic or busy schedules, some gamers may not be aware the 2020 Video Game Awards aired on December 10th. If you would like to watch a recording of the stream, go here: Video Game Awards 2020. A few big trailers were released during the awards show, including a surprising teaser trailer… Continue Reading →

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