Hitman Complete Playthrough Review

I mean, usually, I’d write in all caps “SPOILERS” in the title, but for this game, there isn’t much to spoil. Luckily for Hitman, the story is not what makes the game the gem that it is, so I will not be discussing the “plot” at all.

I’m a bit guilty. I forgot I even had this game since I picked it up for free a while ago, so it’s been sitting in my library this whole time, untouched. It wasn’t until the recent release of Hitman 3 that I finally remembered that I owned the first installment.

This game was a ton of fun right from the start. I played the tutorial level many times over to complete all of the challenges and get accommodated with everything I could do. There are always various creative (or up-front) ways to assassinate your target. I laughed so much while playing this, and I can say a game hasn’t made me do that in a while.

I’m not sure if I have a preferred way of killing, but I tried everything I possibly could before pulling out a gun. Being sneaky and fooling NPCs with disguises felt great when met with success. I’d have to say my favorite kill was while dropping the lights at the fashion show while wearing the masked vampire outfit, then escaping through the cellar. Very dramatic.

Honestly, the only downfall of this game is the repetition. After a while, even though the game provides new levels and unique ways to kill, it gets old fast. I found myself enjoying the smaller maps more because I spent less time wandering around and more time killing. Some of the maps were huge, and I know I didn’t find everything that could be done.

Hitman is the sort of game you may not want to play all the way through at once. If I pick up the second installment, it would be something I’d play in between other games. I’d play maybe two maps and take a break, then come back later. This would break up that feeling of repetitive play. I feel like if I had played like this initially, I would have been more open to explore those larger areas fully.

I still may come back to this one periodically and try to complete more challenges. This is a game that is very easy to jump back into. The controls are simple and can be relearned in a matter of minutes. I have what I call “sick” games, a collection of titles I’ll play when I’m not feeling well. Hitman fits into the category perfectly because I already know what to do, and the playtimes can be short if needed. Other games I put into this category are Sims, Minecraft and Zoo Tycoon.

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