About Us

Meet the gamers, Amber L. and Nick K.

We met in our teenage years and quickly bonded over our love for video games. Now we have been together for nearly a decade, and our passion toward games have only grown.

Playing games is only one part of a much larger picture. As gamers, we regularly stay up to date with upcoming releases. This includes watching trailers, reading articles, and following our favorite developers on social media. One thing we quickly realized is that many gaming journalists base their articles and reviews from a quick play. This means they may not even spend an hour playing a game before writing up their piece and moving on to the next. Their reviews quickly become irrelevant and out of touch with the actual product. This has caused many great titles an injustice, and has swayed potential players from experiencing something they may come to love.

We have agreed that enough is enough. We’re sick of reading reviews that end up being extremely inaccurate to our own experience. Who could possibly know the full potential of a game by only experiencing the very beginning?

We are here to provide in depth reviews of the games we play, by gamers, for gamers. The initial review will not be written until we reach what we feel to be the half way point of a game. Another review will be written upon completion of the game to gauge final thoughts.

Our reviews will not be limited to new releases. Previously released games will also be covered, as well as re-visitations to older and beloved titles. Overall, we play what we feel like playing and share those experiences with our readers.

Amber is currently attending college in pursuit of a Creative Writing degree, while also working part time as a dietitian. Nick works in the trucking industry and is currently training as a diesel technician. We are busy people, and in those precious moments of rest, we turn to games to give us the day off we deserve.

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